Our leaders.

Meet our executive council, officers and members of our brotherhood.

Executive Council

Eminent Archon (President): Nick Latimer, '19

Eminent Deputy Archon (Vice President): Dane Zeeb, '18

Eminent Treasurer: Hank Nicolais, '18

Eminent Recorder: Patrick Wigger, '19

Eminent Herald: Austin Colburn, '18

Eminent Warden: Dylan Friedman, '20

Social Chairman: Brendan Amend, '19

Philanthropy Chairman: Brent Barker, '20

Brotherhood Chairman: Connor King, '19

University Relations Chairman: Josh Pi, '18

Recruitment Chairman: Ryan Apathy, '18

Scholarship Chairman: Mark Officer, '18

Greek House Coordinator: Alex Luque, '19

Health and Safety Chairman: Jackson Clarke, '19

Diversity and Inclusion Chairman: Justin Loye, '19

Member Educator: Jimmy Kelloway, '18


Additional Officers

Eminent Chronicler: Evan Lebakken, '20

Eminent Preceptor: Austin Colburn, '18

Music Chairman: Will Allison, '20

Alumni Coordinator: Colton Mayberry, '17

Sustainability Chairman: Aaron Stahr, '20