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Our Brotherhood


Our Brotherhood

Our Brotherhood


We are a community of men and leaders from a wide range of academic disciplines and curricular interests. We are part of the national Sigma Alpha Epsilon organization, which is one of the largest American college fraternities with over 200 chapters and over 350,000 initiated members. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Washington Gamma is committed to providing opportunities for its members to grow and learn. Through positive leadership and achievement, we strive to be bold, different, indispensable True Gentlemen.  


Eminent Archon / Douglas Palmer '18 / ups.sae.president@gmail.com
Eminent Deputy Archon / Addison LaRock '16 / alarock@pugetsound.edu



The True Gentleman

The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humbled if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power, or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others, rather than his own; and who appears well in any company, a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.

 - John Walter Wayland


This is our creed. These are our guiding values. This is what our brotherhood stands for. This could be your guiding star, too. Learn more about joining our brotherhood.


Our Leaders

Meet our Executive Council, the officers and members of our brotherhood. 

Our Leaders

Meet our Executive Council, the officers and members of our brotherhood. 

Our leaders.

Meet our executive council, officers and members of our brotherhood.

Executive Council

Eminent Archon (President): Nick Latimer, '19

Eminent Deputy Archon (Vice President): Dane Zeeb, '18

Eminent Treasurer: Hank Nicolais, '18

Eminent Recorder: Patrick Wigger, '19

Eminent Herald: Austin Colburn, '18

Eminent Warden: James Hammond, '19

Social Chairman: Connor O'Keefe, '19

Philanthropy Chairman: Jackson Gallagher, '20

Brotherhood Chairman: Bendan Amend, '19

University Relations Chairman: Dylan Reimers, '20

Recruitment Chairman: Ryan Apathy, '18

Scholarship Chairman: Reed Smith, '20

Greek House Coordinator: Alex Luque, '19

Health and Safety Chairman: Jackson Clarke, '19

Diversity and Inclusion Chairman: Nate Jacobi, '19

Member Educator: Jimmy Kelloway, '18


Additional Officers

Eminent Chronicler: Evan Lebakken, '20

Eminent Preceptor: Austin Colburn, '18

Music Chairman: Jayce Ikehara, '18

Alumni Coordinator: Colton Mayberry, '17

Sustainability Chairman: Aaron Stahr, '20

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Our Members

Our Members

Our Members

Our members come from a wide range of academic disciplines and co-cirricular interests. We are a diverse group of men and leaders that have come together to become True Gentlemen.

Joel Eklof, Silverdale WA, Senior ‘16. Major: Physics, Minors: Math and Environmental Policy and Decision Making. Activities: Passages Leader, Puget Sound Outdoors Leader, Cycling Club Leader, Competitive Mountain Cyclist, Leader in Lighthouse Christian Fellowship (service coordinator), Chaplain of SAE, Conducted Environmental Research concerning local vegetation in Botswana and Namibia

Ian Latimer, Santa Rosa, CA, Senior ‘16. UPS Tourguide, Diversions Barista, Orientation Coordinator, Singer in Garden Level; IPE Major and Gender Studies Minor

Greg Shipman, Bend, OR, Junior ‘17, Activities: Adelphian Concert Choir; Voci d’ Amici; Campus Tour Guide; Passages Leader; Puget Sound Outdoors Leader; Assistant to the Directors, Choral Department, School of Music; Communication Studies Major with minors in African American Studies and Politics and Government   

Jack Riley, Seattle Washington, Puget Sound Class of 2016, Biology and Economics double major. University Relations chair in SAE.  I like to ski and boat and I work at Roche Harbor in the summer.

Brian Parker, Salem Oregon, Class of 2017.  Biology major with a possible chem minor. I’m a member of UPS’ swim team, and work at the pool. Outside of school I work as a swim coach, and enjoy spending my free time hiking and canoeing across Oregon. EDA of SAE

Jacob Roeder, Los Angeles, CA, 2016. History Major, Religion Minor, Geology Minor. SAE Member Educator, Passages Leader, PSO leader, men’s LAX team, I like to cook and study

Monty Newman, Redwood City, CA, Junior (2017).  Exercise Science Major. Play Football, Sings in Adelphian Concert Choir. Love the outdoors.

Hunter Kurtis, Tacoma, WA, Junior (2017). Computer Science Major. Frisbee thrower, music collector, and Snowboarder. I also play rock and roll guitar.

Devan Salter, '16. Tacoma WA. Biochemistry major, Music minor.  Principal tuba:  Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Pep-Band.  Bassist in Jazz Club. Student manager for Sustainability Services and former Sustainability Chair for SAE.

Adam Brown, '17 Boston MA. Geology major, Economics minor. Semi-pro (not at all) Rock sender (Climbing team), Cellar employee and master pizza maker, Shredder of gnar on single plank.

Reagan Rice, '17. Danville CA. Philosophy major and minor in fast food employment. PSO & passages leader, izzet planeswalker, and video gamer.

John Lampus, '15. Lake Oswego OR. Vocal Performance and Education Major, President and Founder of Timbermen A Cappella Quartet, President of Collegiate Washington Music Education Association Puget Sound Chapter, Member of Adelphian Concert Choir, Bass Section Leader in Adelphian Concert Choir, Member of Voci D’Amici, Music Student Advisory Committee Member

Gerald Cuyle Jr., '16. Stockton, CA. Psych Major Spanish Minor, Varsity Football, Biking (Mountain & Bmx), Wakeboarding and Snowboarding, Soccer

Hunter Ware, '17. Lake Oswego OR. Int’l Business & Spanish Major, Business Leadership Program Member, SAE Brotherhood Chair, Apart of the Slack Hack and Clack Club, Avid Skier and Soccer Player, I also like to camp, go boating and BBQ. During the school year I work for the Athletic Department and in the summer I am a service manager at Mercedes-Benz of Portland. I also just got a haircut that I am really excited about.

Will Henderson, '17. San Rafael CA. Politics and Government: International Relations. I am a member of the Slack Hack and Clack Club as well as a student at large for the ASUPS Student Media Board. In my spare time I enjoy surfing in Northern California, running, bowling and exploring the outdoors. Phi Alpha!!

Steven Malachowski, '16. Anchorage AK. History and Exercise Science Double Major, Rugby for UPS, Soccer and Skiing.

Cole Harris, '17. Hanover NH. Economics Major, with some Business and Spanish on the side. I like to shred the streets and slopes, kick it with the Slack Hack and Clack Club, play basketball with the boys, and I play for the Men’s Lacrosse team. I also work for security so check yo self before you wreck yo self.

Sergio Espinoza '16. Davis, CA. Exercise Science with a neuroscience emphasis. UPS Crew, Student Athlete Advisory Council, RDG was my rise to fame, Orientation (Passages) Leader, Sustainability Chair '15, aspiring MC.

Sean Bradley, '17. Bellevue, WA. Politics and Government major, history minor. Club soccer, IM sports, always down to watch and play sports. Sort of good at FIFA.

Addison LaRock, '17, Norwich, VT. I am a chemistry major with a sociology minor and I am a RA in TP. I am always down to play some bball, shred the slopes and rough you up in some lacrosse. I am an avid Boston sports fan so anything Boston you best expect to hear my opinion. My spirit animal is a moose and my dream date is a long walk on the beach listening to the whales.

Keven Henley, '16, Chicago, IL. Junior. Swimmer, Dj at KUPS, Bio major, Theater minor. Used to be good at ping pong. Love for music

Lihue, HI. Sophomore '17. Economics major. Swimmer. Self-taught pianist.  Member of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society.

Nate Bohn: Portland OR. Junior '17.  Philosophy major with an interest in politics and ethics especially.  DJ at KUPS.  Love basketball.

Jimmy Kelloway: Minnetonka, MN. Sophomore ‘18. I’m a geology major with a Chinese (Mandarin) minor. I play trombone in the Jazz Orchestra, and compete on a national level in alpine snowboarding (FIS, RTTC). Casual sailor, Pokemon enthusiast, and die hard Vikings fan.

Austin Colburn, Tacoma, WA, Sophomore ‘18, Chemistry major and active in student mentoring, tutoring, wrestling, running, fencing, Civic Engagement Youth Programs, Black Student Union, Men of Color, and Super Smash Brothers.


Our Social

We know that having fun is part of college life and greek life. Here you will get a taste of social life as a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Our Social

We know that having fun is part of college life and greek life. Here you will get a taste of social life as a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.



Our Philanthropy

Our Philanthropy


Our members are engaged in our communities and think of the rights and feelings of others. Explore how we engage in the thriving Puget Sound and Tacoma Community. Sigma Alpha Epsilon works with two main organizations on the local and national level. The chapter has also organized service days where members offer their time and efforts. Puget Creek, Habitat for Humanity, and the Tacoma Rescue Mission are all organizations that SAE volunteers for regularly. 


This past September we were proud to put on the second annual Last Sun benefit concert.  The event consisted of multiple student performers showing off their talent, all for the purpose of raising money for children in need in Tibet.  The event was very successful and raised over $1000!

Children's Miracle Network
The Children's Miracle Network is recognized as the official philanthropy of Sigma Alpha Epsilon nationally. CMN is an international non-profit organization that focuses on raising money for children's hospitals, such as Seattle Children's Hospital. In almost all cases, funds raised by the Children's Miracle Network are donated to hospitals locally an used to promote awareness about children's health issues. All money raised through our philanthropy events in the spring benefit Seattle Children's Hospital.  

Our Calendar

Our Calendar

Our Calendar: COMING SOON

The official calendar for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Washington Gamma, including official executive schedules shall be posted here.